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Jaclyn Spinelli, Founder of The Cultivated Career and Job / Career Coach

Hi I'm Jaclyn,
the founder of The Cultivated Career


Being bored, disillusioned, underpaid, complacent, or any other version of dragging your feet and metaphorically sleeping away your life isn’t doing anyone any favors. You're just not someone who can sleepwalk their way through a mediocre existence.  You can't ignore that voice inside your head that whispers (or screams):

You know you’re better than this.

80% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs, and no, high-achieving professionals are NOT exempt from this statistic.

Upwards of 80% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs, and no, high-achieving professionals are NOT exempt from this statistic.  

At the Cultivated Career, we believe that you have the basic right to be more than just satisfied at work: you have the right, and the ability, to craft a career that truly fuels your life.

That’s what makes us different. We don’t strive to get you “another job”. We don’t just write your resume, teach you how to interview, send you on your merry way and watch you walk into another job you will hate in three months. We walk with you through the process of evaluating who you with a 360 degree lens and help you find careers that require your strengths and embody your values so that you can excel in both work and life. 



Intentionally Cultivate Your Career


What exactly does that mean?

✓  Slowing down and taking time to get to know yourself as an adult: your strengths, your values, what you believe, what you actually want.

  Removing old crap that’s in the way: limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, bad habits, wasted energy.

  Evaluating potential careers for fit, rather than trying to squeeze yourself into some impossible mold.

  Communicating your personal brand, verbally and written, in the light that is true to you.

 Showing up authentically in your interactions with others, personally and professionally.

 It means taking back your power, making decisions that are best for you, and enjoying a career that fuels your life for years to come.

YES, IT SOUNDS LIKE A PROCESS – AND IT IS. But you will start to see results as soon as you start taking action.

Because once you start focusing on the right things, everything else will fall into place.


Are you ready to:

  Take control of your career and life

  Stop repeating the same mistakes

  Start feeling fueled by your career

  Start making real progress in your career search

  Handle any situation with confidence

  Generally get your mojo back

You’re in the right place. Let’s work together to start cultivating a career that fuels your life.

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Why am I doing this?

Why am I so passionate about helping people create careers that fuel their lives? 

Find your dream job with custom career coaching by Jaclyn Spinelli

I have a great job, but it wasn’t always this way. I started working when I was fourteen years old at Dairy Queen, I worked at Blockbuster, Starbucks, Fabricland, I worked as a waitress, a telemarketer, a babysitter, an internet support technician. 

But it was the summer I spent doing shift work as a manual laborer at a noisy, dirty steel factory when I decided that I never, ever wanted to hate my job.

I now work at an organization that allows me to engage with people in all corners of the country, that has supported my professional growth, that has challenged me to push the boundaries of what I’m capable of time and time again. I work with incredibly diverse talent who I learn from every single day. 

I get the opportunity to travel, to experience the best that this country and world has to offer. I get a company car, a 401K, stock options, great compensation, and a company expense card. I work at an organization that has relocated me from Canada, to Arizona, to Chicago, all places I wanted to go.

I used to say that I’ve been lucky, as though these opportunities were just magically placed before me. But… luck? It’s such a fickle concept, luck comes and goes at random intervals, and is pretty indiscriminate in terms of what gifts it wants to give you. 

This was more than just plain luck.

It was intentional creationCultivation, if you will. 

Every opportunity that was placed before me was a result of the steps I took to create it, and it was up to me to make the sometimes difficult, courageous decisions to take them.

I tell you this not to show that I’m amazing or exceptional in some way, but rather because I am neither amazing nor exceptional. There isn’t anything I’ve done that you can’t do, too. 

Create your own job and career opportunities with custom career coaching

There is an incredible amount of personal power and hope to be found in the realization that YOU create your opportunities, and that YOU can decide to take them or not.

The skills I teach in my programs transcend your career. They touch every area of your life and can have a massive transformational change on you, and the world around you, if you’re willing to implement them, live them, and share them.


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